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Selecting this option means we will store your order for you for up to 1 month per $10.

For $10 we will cut and store your order for you for 1 month! If you would like us to store your order for longer, that is absolutely not a problem - Just add multiples of this product to your cart. For example: 1 month, add one. 2 months, add two. 3 months, add 3 and so on. There is a limit of storage for 6 months.

Regular UPS/FedEx ground still used when you contact us to ship your order.

Please note that we will cut your order when you place it. We'll box it all up ready to go so that when you contact us to ship it, we'll ship it. 

No refunds on this product if you ask us to ship it sooner than you originally expected.

If your order stays with us longer than you originally planned, we'll send you an invoice for another month - You can then pay it, or ask us to ship it right away!

We cannot split an order up and ship some now and some later so if you add this to your cart we will hold the full order. If you have separate items you would like shipped right away you will need to do a completely separate order which will also need to meet the $100 minimum order.