Snowflake 1 - Mini Stake - Set of 6

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Bundle of 6 of the same Shape Mini yard stakes.

The shapes measure approx 6" at their longest points and the stakes measure 12" with some overlap on the back. On average, these stakes measure 15"-18" tall fully assembled, depending on their shape.

These stakes are wonderful in the garden or in indoor pots, pots on the porch, even as cake toppers, flower bouquet accents, vase decor etc.

Offered in a choice of natural or Rusted Finish - We don't spray these stakes as we like the way they naturally age further over time. If you would like to, you can spray them with a quick spritz of clear coat - We like rustoleum crystal clear enamel.

Each of our handmade metal signs comes with its own character. Whether it be various bronze patina, spots or sheen, beautiful water markings, speckles of rust, a solid silver sheen or any other distinguishing characteristics.

Charmingly, no two pieces are alike!