Corrugated BOO & Cat & Ghosts Yard Stakes BUNDLE

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Bundle include x1 set of Boo with pumpkins for O's, x1 cat, x2 different ghosts

Offered in a choice of natural or heavily aged finish - Both are lovely but we absolutely recommend you order the heavily aged finish as they look absolutely fantastic in our opinion!

The stakes are 2ft long and overlap the backs of the shapes by several inches. The corrugated shapes range from 15"-20" tall giving you yard stakes with an average height of 30" tall when fully assembled but as you can see from the photo each is slightly different for effect.

Snag as many of these bundles as you wish before they go full price next week!

Each of our handmade metal signs comes with its own character. Whether it be various bronze patina, spots or sheen, beautiful water markings, speckles of rust, a solid silver sheen or any other distinguishing characteristics.

Charmingly, no two pieces are alike!