Wow! We have the best stockists in the world!

Posted by Lydia on Sep 13th 2017

Wow! We have the best stockists in the world, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

We have collected each & every one of you because you are special and unique in your own special ways.

I'm sure by now you have all checked out our instagram page @aliceandjaywholesale but if you haven't I would highly recommend you do. 

We want it to be a fun place for our stockists to share ideas and inspiration with each other with the knowledge that you are all zip code protected in your area and wont be feeding the competition any new ideas! Go on, admit it.... You've definitely worried about that!  

We have tried to create a range of products that can not only be sold as is, but can be used for creative projects. It thrills us to know that when our treasure is sent out into the world, its just beginning its journey to something even more wonderful! 

Most of you are paint stockists and many of you hold art parties and classes in your different locations. We have enjoyed seeing photos of art classes and works in progress over the past few months and cant wait to see more!

I encourage you to share your creations with us over on instagram @aliceandjaywholesale so that we can share them with you all.

Lets get inspired!