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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Ordering & Shipping

  • In order to view our prices and become one of our retailers you will need to create an online account here . Once your account is created, we will be notified and we will check your tax credentials, check your zip code is not currently protected and then let you know you can go ahead and place your first order. 

  • All products are made to order and cut in the order in which they are received.

  • If your order is urgent, you may pay a rush fee of $100 to have your order shipped within 1 week.

  • Shipping times vary depending on the time of year and season. We do not quote a time frame. Please order in plenty of time for any special events. As a guide, During our quietest periods shipping may take 1-2 weeks. During our busiest periods shipping may take anywhere from 1-6 weeks. We make every item to order so please be patient & plan ahead for events.

  • We ship with UPS.

  • Please note: We are a Wholesale business selling to businesses for resale only: Please ensure that the address you provide for shipping is a commercial address only.
  • USA Mainland - We charge 18% of your order total for shipping costs which covers actual shipping, packing supplies and handling. This figure is based on our absolute average shipping cost and may reduce. If our UPS rates improve we will pass the saving on to you. No exceptions. 

  • Hawaii, Alaska & International Shipments - We charge a small handling fee at the time of your order. Once your order is made, packed and ready to ship we will quote and invoice you for shipping costs. Your shipping invoice must be paid within 7 consecutive business days or your order will be forfeit/cancelled and no refund will be given.

Returns & Damaged/Incorrect Products

  • We take great care and spend a lot of money on high quality boxes and packing supplies to package our metal products very carefully to ensure they arrive to your store in fantastic condition as well as going through a 3 stage quality control process before being boxed.
  • ALL damage claims are to be filed with the delivery carrier directly (UPS). Alice & Jay Wholesale is not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping. Please do send us emails of damages that occur during shipping and update us on the progress of your claim so that we can also provide that feedback to UPS.
  • To avoid damaging the finish on your products during unboxing please carefully lift each item out of the box being sure not to drag the metal across the product below it. Please do not stack products on top of each other without a layer of foam between them. This will scratch the finish.
  • Small imperfections in the clear coating applied to most signs can be repaired by using a light spritz of Rustoleum Crystal Clear enamel which you can purchase at all good local hardware stores. This is a useful product to have on hand at your store at all times in case of customers causing damage or transportation to shows etc.
  • On the rare occasion you receive an incorrect product, please feel free to contact us via email and we will be happy to resolve your issue.
  • Please note that as a business we use recycled metal and our style of work is not meant to be a 'perfect' final product. We pride ourselves on creating a high quality product with a rustic and hand crafted finish. For us, natural markings, heat patina, water marks, other marks and rust are all what makes our products special and perfect to us! We could remove those unique characteristics, but we choose not to. If you are looking for a generically perfect, mass produced product, we may not be for you, and that's fine with us - Each to their own!

Brick & Mortar or Booth Store Selling

  • As your store will be zip code protected, we do not apply pricing restrictions to our products in brick and mortar locations. You may price the products as you wish and apply whatever promotions you please. 

  • You may only sell our products or finished items using our products within the zip code you provided at sign up unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by us.

  • You may not sell our products, or finished items using our products within 20 miles of Albany, Georgia or Boston, Georgia.

  • You may sell our products or finished items using our products at temporary festivals or arts & Crafts shows of 1 week or less provided they are not within 25 miles of Our Home Office In Sasser GA or within 25 miles of our Flagship store in Boston, GA.

Online Selling

  • Online selling of our products is not permitted unless express permission is sought from us prior to selling online. Permission in writing from us is required. This is to protect our retailers. If this is not adhered to we will no longer supply our product to your company.

  • If written permission is provided to you to sell our products online you must adhere to our minimum price guidelines found at the bottom of this page. If promotional offers are to be applied, the minimum price must still be met after the promotion is applied.

  • If written permission is provided to you to sell our products online you must credit Alice & Jay as the makers of this product.

  • If written permission is provided to you to sell our products online you must charge for shipping.

  • If written permission is provided, we still absolutely do not permit the selling of our products via methods such as facebook selling pages or craigslist. If it is brought to our attention that this is taking place we reserve the right not to sell any further products to you.
  • We do permit and encourage our stockists to share photos online of our products and artwork they have created using our product with the intention of drawing sales to their brick & mortar store.

Zip Code Protection

  • Once your first order has been placed and your account approved you will automatically be zip code protected which means that no other company in your area can purchase our products at a wholesale price. If you do not use your selling location as your address when signing up for your account, please contact us to ensure we have protected the correct area.

  • You will remain zip code protected as long as you make one order with us per month. A month runs from the first day of each month to the last day of each month.

  • If you fail to make a minimum order within a full month you will no longer be zip code protected and we will pass your zip code on to the next in line. If you contact us prior to the month end, we may make an exception. Individual consideration.

  • Our minimum orders are just $100.

  • You may zip ode protect as many zip codes as you wish, provided your monthly orders equate to $100 per zip code per month.
  • Instagram bundles & promotions do not count towards your zip code protection total as these are usually not standard products & often dont meet $100. To qualify for protection, your minimum orders must be placed online via our website.

Online Pricing Instructions

  • At Least Double The Wholesale Price of the product After any special discounts or offers have been applied.

  • Shipping MUST be charged as a separate cost & not included in any prices.


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